If you are the copyright of any material posted on this site and did not want it to spread, we will be happy to assist you by removing the appropriate links.

This requires that you have sent us a message with sound arguments, which provide the following information:

1. Documentary evidence of your entitlement to material protected by copyright:
- From the scanned document with the seal
- Email from an official e-mail domain of the company owner
- Other contact information, allows to uniquely identify you as the owner of this material.

2. The text that you wish to place, accompanied by deleted data.
In it, you can specify where and under what conditions you can get information, links to which have been removed, as well as your contact information so that users can get from you all the needed information regarding this material.

3. Enter your contact information, including your name, address, phone number and email address

4. Direct links to pages that contain references to data that must be removed.
Thereafter, within 48 hours, we will remove you are interested in links from the site.

Note: A proper complaint information above, or it may be IGNORED.


We have no control over the actions of users who can re-post links to information, which is the object of your copyright. Any information on the site, a place automatically, without any control from any quarter whatsoever, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice of placing information on the Internet. However, we are in any case, consider all your queries regarding the reference to information that violates your rights.

Dear fighters for the copyright, please pay attention to the fact that Our website is just a collection of news and links from site visitors, and other open-source Internet. Administration of the server has no information on the legality of the publication of these materials. All rights to published graphic and textual material of their respective owners.

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